One United Leicestershire

In 2020 Leicester Council of Faiths held a Unity declaration launch event.  Following messages and actions of individuals and groups that use faith and ethnicity and political views of people as tools to sow seeds of division which impact ordinary people. We have seen attacks on minority communities in Europe and elsewhere, which often cause tensions and anxiety among the diverse communities in Leicester and Leicestershire. We condemn these attacks and oppose those that aimed to cause division.

In order to underline our commitment to human rights, cohesion, peace and respect for each other, the Leicester Council of Faiths has adopted a Unity declaration. Faith leaders and organisations from across Leicester and Leicestershire were invited to show their support by signing up to this declaration and with over 80 signatories from faith and public leaders, already we are indeed showing that Leicester and Leicestershire are united in supporting our diverse communities to live, learn and work together.

If you or your organisation, would like to be added to the list of supporters, please contact us