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Become a NHS Community Ambassador for your own community

Find out more about this project, who the NHS Community Ambassador for your community is or how to become a NHS Community Ambassador.

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Sign-up to our One United Leicestershire Declaration

Join over 80 signatories from in our commitment to human rights, cohesion, peace and respect for each other, by signing the Leicester Council of Faiths Unity declaration. Together we are united in supporting our diverse communities to live, learn and work together.

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Join our Faiths Covid-19 Support WhatsApp group

The Leicester Council of Faiths has setup a WhatsApp group of nearly 50 faith representatives or leaders of faith centres/places of worship, in Leicester and Leicestershire, to ensure they are kept up to date with the very latest government guidance in these constantly changing times.

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Partner with us

Partner with us to plan and develop projects that engage with Faith Communities or bring Faith Communities together.

If you have an idea for an interfaith project or you want Leicester Council of Faiths to help you get faith communities onboard with a project you already deliver please contact us

Become a Member of the Leicester Council of Faiths

Membership is available to individuals and/or Organisations;  Membership benefits include

  • Opportunity to attend LCOF Events
  • Opportunity to speak at LCOF Events
  • Opportunity to host LCOF Events
  • Support for any faith issues affecting your community
  • Collective voice to City Council, Police and Parliament regarding faith related issues
  • Connect with other faith leaders/Faiths
  • Support with interaction and dialogue with other Faith communities
  • Increased profile and exposure of faith community – via our social media and online platform
  • Have a voice at consultation and policy discussions with local authority
  • Opportunity to be added to the Unity Declaration
  • Opportunity to become a NHS Community Ambassador for your community
  • Join our Faiths WhatsApp group – receive messages relevant to faith groups
  • LCOF support funding for projects which involve interfaith

If you or your organisation, would like to become a Leicester Council of Faiths member please contact us

Resources and tools for how to set up interfaith activities

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